Top 10 Baby Names for 2014 & 2015 that Will Give your baby a big Confidence

Everyone of us has a name, some of us has a name beautiful and wonderful proud, when he grows up between his friends and his companions he will gain the confidence to deal with them better, even when he grows up and running will call him his colleagues at work in his name when the name is distinctive become has the ability Aley in completing the work,but there did not carry the name of good or beautiful will treat some of his friends as gay does not have any value, leading to the impact on his personal life and the process is great and makes it lose confidence in himself fully and large, which affects his future in life.


Here is the top baby names for 2014 year :

– Liam
– Noah
– Ethan
– Mason
– Jacob
– Jackson
– Jack
– Lucas
– Aiden
– Logan

– Emma
– Sophia
– Olivia
– Isabella
– Ava
– Mia
– Emily
– Charlotte
– Ella
– Amelia



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