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Mixing Mate Makes Working With Auto paint so much Easier

Mixing Mate is Amazing product, makes working with auto paint so much easier. Makes it extremely convenient to mix up the paint and poor small controlled amounts into mixing cups. Especially nice when considering small volumes needed for touch ups.

Technical Details:

  1. Pistol grip handle makes pouring paint easy and ergonomic.
  2. Tool-free cam clamps securely anchor the Mixing Mate Paint Lid to any standard quart size paint canister – simply twist to secure.
  3. Spring-loaded spout seals up tight after each pour – set it on the shelf and you’re done until next time.
  4. Lid gasket ensures a tight, leak-proof seal to the paint or finishing can.
  5. The Mixing Mate Paint Lid is constructed of non-metal components, making it completely compatible with water-borne finishes and latex paints, as well as solvent-based finishes.
  6. A few seconds of cranking the paddle mixes finishes much more thoroughly then minutes of mixing with a stir stick.
  7. Auger-shaped paddle lifts and mixes solids and pigments that have settled on the bottom of the canister for a more even-toned finish.
  8. If you want to switch the Mixing Mate to a different can, the Mixing Mate’s paddle, handle and lid separate for easy cleaning.
  9. Fits any standard one-quart can of paint, stain or varnish.

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